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Matt Scoletti has one goal as your speaker.  He wants to help your organization have increased morale, higher energy, healthier individuals who feel fulfilled, and as a result, see a huge spike in productivity at your business, school, or other institution.  He also wants everyone to have the most fun they’ve ever had during a presentation (okay fine, he has two goals)! 

Matt teaches proven strategies that can help anyone feel more grateful, focused, fearless, happy, and energized whether at work or in their personal lives.  He’s helped countless people lose weight, quit drinking/smoking, and feel their absolute best! 

Matt Scoletti has inspired thousands of people around the world as he conquered his own alcohol addiction to become a 2-time world record holder, bodybuilding champion, and complete countless endurance races in order to find his deeper meaning in life.

Matt has been called an “unstoppable force for good” and a “hero” by local media and personalities.  Matt has been featured on ABC, NBC, and many local Pittsburgh news stations because of his accomplishments in fitness, professional speaking, as well as his charitable fundraising for his wife’s organization called Young Adult Cancer Support. 

If you ask Matt, he will tell you he is truly Livin The D.R.E.A.M. (Diet, Rest, Exercise, Attitude, and Meaning) and he wants to help you do the same!

Matt Scoletti

Matt Scoletti

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