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Don't trust just anyone to keep the party going. Leave it to a pro! Matt is ready to fire up your group at your next race, party, or show! 

Events Matt Has Worked 


"As an announcer, Matt's passion for running, fitness, and wellness manifests itself as motivation and inspiration for our participants on race day! He brings it!"

John Mortimer, CEO Millenium Running

“I watched Matt emcee for a while after I finished my race. He has huge energy! He gives each runner the same excitement and he makes you feel the magnitude of what you just accomplished. He has an inner enthusiasm that is so genuine. We need him now more than ever!”

Bob Larkin (Marathon Runner).

"Matt brings a fire and energy that is unmatched, and an inspirational story with life experience as an athlete himself to back it all up. With Matt on the mic and getting to know and ramp up my athletes, I have the capacity and confidence to do everything else I need as an RD to make sure our events go off without a hitch. Matt has elevated our events to the next level!" -

Mandy Mullen 

Run Windsor Race Director

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