The Mindset of a World Record Holder - Matt Scoletti
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The Mindset of a World Record Holder
Source: On Target Living Podcast 2018

From American Ninja Warrior to lifting a million pounds in 24 hours, this world record holder has a mindset that allows him to be unstoppable and truly “live the dream.” Here, our special guest and health and fitness guru, Matt Scoletti, explains what it means to transform performance from the inside out. 

Fitness Enthusiast Sets Weightlifting Record

Source: Dave Crawley/CBS Pittsburgh


Matt's wife Stephanie's Young Adults Cancer Support group and Matt's bike trip to benefit them.

Shannon Perrine/WTAE-TV

Pittsburgh KDKA Radio's Larry Richert and John Shumway interview Matt

Larry and John talk to Matt about his upcoming challenge and have some fun talking about his past accomplishments.  

93.7theFAN interview

Matt discusses his upcoming 24 hour bike challenge with Mueller & Starkey of Pittsburgh's 93.7 the FAN

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KDKA Radio - January 2018
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93.7 the FAN - January 2018
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