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Matt biked 250 miles in 24 hours in Adelaide, Australia in January 2018 while raising $40,000 for young adults battling cancer.  Matt wore a shirt that said “Rider For Survivors” on the front and honored over 75 people on the back who are fighting or have lost their battle to cancer.  Matt wanted to raise awareness about this awful disease while pushing himself to the limit physically and mentally to accomplish his fitness and fundraising goals. 


Matt always says that “if these strong individuals can battle cancer every day of their lives, the least I can do is battle for 24 hours in support of them!”   

Watch Video/Story about Matt's wife Stephanie's Young Adults Cancer Support group and Matt's bike trip to benefit them. by Shannon Perrine/WTAE-TV

Pittsburgh KDKA Radio's Larry Richert and John Shumway interview Matt

Larry and John talk to Matt about his upcoming challenge and have some fun talking about his past accomplishments.  

Matt and Stephanie interview with 100.7 FM Pittsburgh

Matt and Steph talk about their upcoming trip to Adelaide, Australia where Matt will ride for Young Adults Cancer Support  in Revolve24.

93.7theFAN interview

Matt discusses his upcoming 24 hour bike challenge with Mueller & Starkey of Pittsburgh's 93.7 the FAN

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